The Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings
By Scott Szatkowski D.D.S.
October 17, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Fillings  

What your dentist in Elk Grove Village and Melrose Park, IL wants you to know

Have you heard about tooth-colored fillings? Do you know what they can do for your smile? The truth is, tooth colored fillings can restore a damaged smile into a dazzling natural-looking smile. Dr. Scott Szatkowski wants to share how tooth-colored fillings can improve your smile. He has two convenient office locations in Elk Grove Village and Melrose Park, Illinois.

Metal fillings can crumble and look old. They can also make your smile far less appealing. Tooth-colored fillings are different. They use a material called composite which is a high-tech liquid resin that can be matched perfectly to the color of your existing teeth so no one will notice you have a filling.

To begin your tooth-colored filling treatment, a shade will be selected that closely matches your natural tooth color. Then an etching material is applied which creates tiny pore-like openings to retain the composite. Next comes the bonding cement which will actually bond the composite to your tooth surface, creating a strong attachment to your tooth. Finally, the composite is molded and sculpted into shape and hardened with an ultraviolet light.

Just like metal fillings, tooth-colored fillings can repair teeth that are decayed, damaged, broken, worn-down, or eroded. People love tooth-colored fillings because they are metal-free. Tooth-colored fillings can improve your smile by making it look more natural and beautiful.

The strong cement bonding is one of the reasons why tooth-colored fillings are often stronger and less likely to break when compared to metal fillings.

You deserve to find out the benefits of tooth-colored fillings for yourself. You also deserve a strong and great looking smile. To find out more about tooth-colored fillings call Dr. Scott Szatkowski, with offices in Elk Grove, and Melrose Park, Illinois. Call today!