How Dental Fillings Make Teeth Strong Again
By Scott Szatkowski D.D.S.
July 19, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Fillings  

This simple dental restoration could protect your tooth from further damage.

Did you know that even though cavities are 100 percent preventable they are still the most common dental disease for both children and adults? Even though you may brush and floss diligently you may be surprised when our Elk Grove Village, IL dentist Dr. Scott Dental CrownsSzatkowski tells you that you have a dental cavity. But there is an easy way to treat your cavity and preserve your teeth.

Dental fillings have been restoring teeth damaged by decay for hundred of years. Of course, technology has come a long way and dental fillings are now better than ever. While some fillings are still made from metal amalgam because they boast superior strength, many patients can opt for tooth-colored resin fillings that blend seamlessly with the tooth while still restoring its strength and appearance.

How to Get a Dental Filling

First thing is first; our Elk Grove Village general dentist will need to remove the decaying portion of the tooth. Once the decay is removed and the tooth is disinfected the filling material is applied over the tooth and shaped. The resin we use will be matched ahead of time to your tooth to make sure that it isn’t noticeable.

Once the resin is shaped we will use a dental laser to harden it. In some cases, multiple layers of resin will need to be applied in order to restore that portion of the tooth. Getting a dental filling is easy and simple. Our gentle techniques and compassionate care ensure that you get the treatment you need without pain or anxiety.

A dental filling is one of the easiest ways to restore a tooth damaged by decay. Don’t let the problem get worse. Turn to our Elk Grove Village dentist, Dr. Szatkowski today to get the dental care your smile deserves.