Fully Guided Implant Surgery with Nobel Biocare
By Scott Szatkowski D.D.S.
April 11, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Find out how dental implants can revive your smile and treat your tooth loss.dental implants

Dental implants are an incredible way to replace your missing teeth and many people choose to get them because of all the wonderful benefits they have to offer. Whether you’ve talked to our Elk Grove Village and Melrose Park, IL, dentist Dr. Scott Szatkowski yet or not, you’ll probably be interested in hearing about how we offer the very best in dental implants thanks to Nobel Biocare.

A dental implant is a tiny metal post that is actually used to replace the roots of your tooth. All implants are surgically placed into the jawbone and, because they are biocompatible, they end up fusing together with the jawbone, becoming a permanent structure over the course of several months.

Our Elk Grove Village and Melrose Park, IL, restorative dentist is proud to offer fully guided dental implant surgery to make sure that the implant is placed into the ideal and most precise position for replacing your missing tooth. In order to get your implant, several steps have to occur.

First, we will need to examine your mouth and take x-rays to determine whether there is any bone loss. This is something that will need to be taken into account before we can place the implant. Those with severe bone loss will require bone grafting prior to getting their implants so that there is enough strong, healthy bone to support the restoration.

From there, images of your mouth will be visible through state-of-the-art software that can help us map out how the implant will be placed. These images will also give you an idea of what the finished product will look like.

When it comes to getting your implant, we offer guided pilot drilling. By allowing our dentist to select the proper depth of the drill he can place the implant in the ideal location within the jawbone. Finding the proper start position for the implant is crucial to a healthy, long-term implant. Fully guided surgery makes it possible to determine the precise location of the implant without having to remove more bone than is necessary. Knowing that you will have a successful implantation is important, and guided implant surgery provides the peace of mind that you want when treating your tooth loss.

If you have questions about getting dental implants in Elk Grove Village and Melrose Park, IL, or you want to schedule a consultation to find out more about this procedure, we would be happy to help. Call Dr. Szatkowski today.