Dental Veneers Can Make You Proud of Your Smile
By Scott Szatkowski D.D.S.
December 06, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: cosmetic dentistry   Veneers  

Isn’t it time you had a smile you couldn’t wait to show off? We can help make that possible.veneers

Getting a beautiful smile doesn’t have to be difficult and yet you wouldn’t believe how many people don’t even consider the possibility that cosmetic dentistry could finally give them the appearance they’ve been looking for. It’s amazing how one simple cosmetic procedure could turn your smile around. Let our Elk Grove Village, IL, dentist Dr. Scott Szatkowski to tell you more about the wonders of dental veneers.

What are dental veneers?

These thin cosmetic restorations are designed to look just like tooth enamel. This custom-made shell is thin enough to be bonded to the front of a tooth to hide a variety of different cosmetic imperfections that keep you from having the smile you want.

What can dental veneers do?

Just by bonding porcelain veneers to problem teeth you can quickly and easily get the smile you’ve always wanted. Veneers are designed to become the new front surface of your teeth to hide everything from stains and chips to small gaps between teeth. Veneers can even be placed over teeth that are a bit crooked or twisted to make them appear straighter without the need for braces. Have a gummy smile? Even out your smile and make it more symmetrical by applying veneers.

In essence, getting a full set of veneers could give you a straighter, whiter and more ideal smile.

How are they placed?

Veneers are a great option for many people looking to revamp their look. While it’s true that traditional veneers do require that our Elk Grove Village, IL, general dentist shaves down some enamel from the front of your teeth prior to placing the veneers, this tooth preparation is minimal.

Once some enamel has been removed to make room for your veneers, we will then need to take impressions of your teeth so that the dental lab has the exact measurements they need to create a perfectly fitted restoration. It will take up to one week for the lab to create your veneers. Once they are complete, you will come back in so that we can check their fit and then permanently bond them to the front of your teeth using special dental cement.

If you are ready to talk to us about getting dental veneers then it’s time you gave us a call and scheduled your consultation. We have dental offices in Elk Grove Village, IL, and Melrose Park, IL, to serve you better. Let us give you a stunning smile for years to come!